European Institute for Food Law.

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Our mission: to advance the level of expertise in food law and regulatory compliance

The aim of the European Institute for Food Law is to advance the level of expertise on food law and regulatory compliance, at national level, European level and global level.
The concept of ‘food law’ is taken in a broad sense. It includes food law as defined in EU Regulation 178/2002 ‘the laws, regulations and administrative provisions governing food in general, and food safety in particular’ covering ‘any stage of production, processing and distribution of food, and also of feed produced for, or fed to, food producing animals’, but also adjacent economic regulations and human rights aspects of food.
The dissemination of food law takes place through education programmes, courses, in-company training, publications and consultancy to businesses, consumer organisations, government organisations and practitioners. In this respect, The European Institute for Food Law has recurrent collaborations with many universities and practitioners around the world, including but not limited to Russia, Switzerland, the United States of America, the People's Republic of China and India.
The European Institute for Food Law helps deal with food regulatory and related issues, by providing courses both on basic and advanced level or by supporting the courses that you organise, by providing answers to legal questions and by using its network to bring you into contact with just the specialists you need.
The European Institute for Food Law provides regulatory and technical compliance support and assistance to food business through its collaboration with EU Food Comply.
From its location in the Netherlands, the European Institute for Food Law works throughout Europe and beyond. It enjoys the collaboration of specialists from both academia and practice in several European countries, the US and China.