European Institute for Food Law.

We make you confident.


We make, collect, share and transfer knowledge on food law and food regulatory affairs.

Creating knowledge.


We continuously widen and deep the scope of food legal knowledge through research on all levels including individual cases.

From the 4th of April 2004 onwards the European Institute for Food Law has made it its business to advance the level of knowledge in food law. Over the years we have accumulated a vast amount of experience and know-how that we are happy to share.

Sharing knowledge.


Are you facing food legal challenges? We have the know-how. We have the network. At your service.


You can count in us for curriculum development, short courses and in-company training.


You want to increase the food legal expertise in your team. We provide the training. In house if you want.


You want to study food law or share your knowledge. We co-publish books and working papers in the European Institute for Food Law series.